The value of spray insulation is recognized during the application process. The materials are spray-applied and adhere to almost any substrate that they come in contact with; filling every crack and crevice along the way. Creating a tight building envelope is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption. Lapolla’s spray foam insulation products provide a thermal and moisture management system.

Insulation should add value to:

Energy savings
Air quality
There are two primary types of materials available in the spray foam insulation industry. Open-cell and closed-cell spray polyurethane foam systems ? Lapolla offers them both. Plus, we have created a special cold weather formula to extend the application season for our customers.

Spray Foam is a Perfect for:

Residential Construction
Commercial Construction
Agricultural Applications
Specialty Applications
At Lapolla, we are committed to manufacturing quality products that help our spray foam applicators offer solutions that contribute to high-performance building objectives.

CV Insulation

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